thanks Sam and Gina for coming on the show

on there website this is their description Autism Rocks and Rolls

Autism Rocks and Rolls was started by 17-year-old Sam Mitchell, in October of 2019. It began with a simple interest in media when he was a junior in high school and has led to him becoming an entrepreneur by creating his own podcasting and media company, Autism Rocks and Rolls. Sam’s main product is the podcast, Autism Rocks and Rolls, but his business also offers: public speaking, podcast coaching, podast editing, sponsorships, ad space, merchandise, public speaking, educational supplements, guest appearances, and guest space on his podcast.

Sam is a high-functioning human being on the autism spectrum, but he has a mission: to show people that he is not broken, does not need to be fixed, there is no normal in this world, and he is successful, WITH autism. Sam wants to celebrate the successes of all. He embraces who he is and feels as though everyone should do the same. His mission has caught on and this powerful and extraordinary idea is catching on and gotten the world’s attention.

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