45: EP45 Inside The Orange Returns to talk Walk for Autism

Fundraiser by Richard Stevens : Walk for Autism – Leicester FC to Watford FC (

Inside the Orange

Inside the orange is The podcast about understanding people

thanks for coming on Rich

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44: EP44 With #TeamGoddo

hi guys so this was a great interview possibly one of my favourite guests. Goddo came on to talk about his charity work and it was brilliant. thanks Goddo.

here is a link to his website Charity fundraising | Team Goddo

website quote,

Welcome To #TeamGoddo

“Our vision is a world where all children with cancer survive. As it stands 1 in every 6 children do not make it. Hence we MUST do MORE. This page is aimed at raising further awareness and much needed funds. Please participate xx”

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43: EP43 Ken Krantz Comedian and Podcaster

The Michael Jordan of comedy (when he played baseball) Co-Host I Love Rock and Roll Podcast.

thanks to Ken for coming on the show!

Stream I Love Rock & Roll Podcast music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

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41: EP42 Louise Fetigan of Little Troopers

Conversation with Louise Fetigan of little troppers talking about the squad podcast, little troopers and military life

Louise’s Story – Little Troopers

SQUAD by Little Troopers (

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Thanks Jason Allen. We talks about South Shore FC in Blackpool and a Metropolis “soccer club”

South Shore FC – Community-Centric (

SouthShoreFootballClub – Twitch

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40: EP40 JobSquadRadio Interview

Interview with fellow podcasters over at Job Squad Radio thanks for coming on the show

we talked podcasting, wrestling and more

JobSquadRadio (@JobSquadRadio) / Twitter

Job Squad Radio is creating Podcasts about Backyard Wrestling | Patreon

JobSquadRadio (

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39: EP39 Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.

This week we were joined by viral sensation Thomas Benjamin Wilde Esq. he wrote the viral song I’ve No More F***s To Give and he joined us today Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq – YouTube

Thanks for joining us

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37: EP37 Autism Rocks and Rolls

thanks Sam and Gina for coming on the show

on there website this is their description Autism Rocks and Rolls

Autism Rocks and Rolls was started by 17-year-old Sam Mitchell, in October of 2019. It began with a simple interest in media when he was a junior in high school and has led to him becoming an entrepreneur by creating his own podcasting and media company, Autism Rocks and Rolls. Sam’s main product is the podcast, Autism Rocks and Rolls, but his business also offers: public speaking, podcast coaching, podast editing, sponsorships, ad space, merchandise, public speaking, educational supplements, guest appearances, and guest space on his podcast.

Sam is a high-functioning human being on the autism spectrum, but he has a mission: to show people that he is not broken, does not need to be fixed, there is no normal in this world, and he is successful, WITH autism. Sam wants to celebrate the successes of all. He embraces who he is and feels as though everyone should do the same. His mission has caught on and this powerful and extraordinary idea is catching on and gotten the world’s attention.

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