46: EP46 Douglas Ross

Disclaimer no views expressed in the episode are attributed to the host and this episode was simply a learning experience for me.

thanks Douglas Ross for your time today was nice to hear some different viewpoints and although i dont agree with conservatives it was interesting listening to a different point of few. I am recording an interview with an SNP MSP who will be named when the episode is out i then hope for an interview with someone from the labour party which will finish the mini political series before having more “normal” interviews

Thanks for listening

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45: EP45 Inside The Orange Returns to talk Walk for Autism

Fundraiser by Richard Stevens : Walk for Autism – Leicester FC to Watford FC (

Inside the Orange

Inside the orange is The podcast about understanding people

thanks for coming on Rich

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44: EP44 With #TeamGoddo

hi guys so this was a great interview possibly one of my favourite guests. Goddo came on to talk about his charity work and it was brilliant. thanks Goddo.

here is a link to his website Charity fundraising | Team Goddo

website quote,

Welcome To #TeamGoddo

“Our vision is a world where all children with cancer survive. As it stands 1 in every 6 children do not make it. Hence we MUST do MORE. This page is aimed at raising further awareness and much needed funds. Please participate xx”

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43: EP43 Ken Krantz Comedian and Podcaster

The Michael Jordan of comedy (when he played baseball) Co-Host I Love Rock and Roll Podcast.

thanks to Ken for coming on the show!

Stream I Love Rock & Roll Podcast music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

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41: EP42 Louise Fetigan of Little Troopers

Conversation with Louise Fetigan of little troppers talking about the squad podcast, little troopers and military life

Louise’s Story – Little Troopers

SQUAD by Little Troopers (

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Thanks Jason Allen. We talks about South Shore FC in Blackpool and a Metropolis “soccer club”

South Shore FC – Community-Centric (

SouthShoreFootballClub – Twitch

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40: EP40 JobSquadRadio Interview

Interview with fellow podcasters over at Job Squad Radio thanks for coming on the show

we talked podcasting, wrestling and more

JobSquadRadio (@JobSquadRadio) / Twitter

Job Squad Radio is creating Podcasts about Backyard Wrestling | Patreon

JobSquadRadio (

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